Several precautions for the metallographic analyzer
News 2023.03.30

  The considerations for using the analyzer are as follows:

  The operator must master and strictly implement the use procedures.

  When taking the microscope,always hold the bent arm in one hand and hold the base in the other hand.The microscope should not be tilted to prevent the eyepiece from sliding out from the upper end of the mirror cylinder.Take up and send the microscope gently.

  When observing,do not casually move the position of the microscope.

  All the optical parts of the microscope can only be wiped with special wipe lens paper,can not be wiped with other things,more can not touch the lens with fingers,so as not to stain the lens with sweat.


  Keep the microscope dry and clean to avoid dust,water and chemical reagents.

  When converting the objective lens,do not move the objective lens,you can only turn the converter.

  Do not turn the focus wheel.When using the micro focus knob,the force should be light,rotation to be slow,do not hard turn.

  Do not arbitrarily remove the parts on the microscope,it is strictly prohibited to remove the objective lens at will,so as not to damage the converter screw port,or loosen the screw port to convert the low and high power objective lens when uneven focus.

  When using the high power objective,do not use the coarse focal wheel to adjust the focal length,so as to avoid moving the distance and damage the objective and glass slide.

  Before returning,you must check whether the objective lens is stained with water or reagent.If so,wipe clean,and wipe the carrier clean,then put the microscope in the box,and pay attention to lock the box.

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