Pre sales service

From how to choose a suitable suspension to the planning and construction of an overall metallographic laboratory, Gusa Metallography can provide you with free metallographic experimental solutions.

The solution includes but is not limited to:

Cutting Scheme with Minimal Thermal Damage

A non cracking inlay sample solution

Smooth grinding and polishing plan

Microscopic observation plan

Planning and Construction of Metallographic Laboratory

Overall improvement plan for the laboratory

After sales support

Our after-sales support includes but is not limited to:

Installation and debugging:Large equipment on-site installation and debugging, small equipment does not require on-site installation, providing remote installation services and expert online guidance.

Instant response:A dedicated person is responsible for after-sales service. No matter how long you have purchased our products, as long as you have after-sales needs, we will respond within 2 hours.

Warranty service:Repair services and spare parts support are provided both within and outside the warranty period.

Technical support:When you encounter any problems during sample preparation, you can ask for advice and we will provide you with the latest technical support.

Preventive maintenance

To ensure consistent equipment performance, minimize production downtime, and reduce the possibility of expensive repairs. Our expert team is committed to providing you with regular inspections, priority services, and more throughout the entire material preparation and analysis market.

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