Laboratory metallographic sample preparation control solution
Solution 2023.03.31

  Many laboratory users are very professional in metallographic analysis,but they do not know much about the control of sample preparation process.They have encountered many problems in the selection of equipment and consumables and sample preparation steps,which delay a lot of time but also cost a lot of unnecessary costs.Ksha's new sample making process is designed for this type of users,saving time and cost,and improving the efficiency of achieving goals.


  An auto parts factory in Suzhou needs to conduct a metallographic analysis along with the production of a large special-shaped metal part to monitor the quality of the production process,The sample preparation process has time limits,The efficiency of the sample preparation process is compared with the cost node in the interception of the sample,Two types of metallographic cutters are required,depending on the shape and size of the sample,The first type requires a 400mm diameter cutter to reduce large parts,The cutting capacity of the equipment requires the cutting diameter of at least 140mm,The second type requires a 250mm-300mm cutter,The cutting capacity of the equipment should be at least 70mm to control the cutting thermal damage and stress damage,Thus reducing the workload of the sample preparation and grinding process,Because of the sample preparation time limit.At the same time,the equipment and consumables cost budget are limited.

  Solution:large size cutting machine with large size cutter to meet the requirements of the first type,the manual desktop cutting machine with high performance cutter to meet the requirements of the second type,both ensure the cost within the controllable budget,and ensure the sample observation surface cutting damage layer as far as possible,effectively control the subsequent grinding process cost and efficiency.


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