Laboratory metallographic sample fabrication process application optimization solution
Solution 2023.03.31

  Many laboratories have the need to effectively optimize the cost under the requirement of constant sample preparation quality.Gusha Jin Meeting optimizes the user sample preparation process or consumables cost control according to the known resources in the existing market.


  In an auto parts factory in Shanghai,when the laboratory was built,it designed and used a full set of gold-phase sampling equipment and consumables of a well-known brand.After the formal operation of the project and the successful acquisition of the business of SAIC,the pressure of cost control became increasingly urgent.

  Solution:ancient sha gold phase service team through the whole laboratory simulation of customer samples,from cutting to hot material,from sandpaper to polished cloth,under the condition of guarantee the quality and efficiency of samples,for the original scheme to use cost-effective products consumables combination,effectively help users to reduce the cost consumption,help the laboratory director to complete the company issued related performance requirements.


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